Training for success

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Understanding the nuances  of the  Forex market requires experience and training, but is critical to succes.  In fact,  ongoing leraning is as important to the veteran trader as it is to the beginner.   The foreign currency market is massive, and the key to succes is knowledge.   Through training, observation and practice, you can learn hoe to identify and understand where the forex market is going, and what controls that direction.
To invest in the right currencies at the right time in a large, nonstop and global trading arena, there is much to learn.  Forex markets move quickly and can take new directions from moment to moment.  Forex training helps you asses when to enter a currency based on the direction it is taking, and how to forecast its direction for the near future.

Trainig with Easy-Forex

Easy-Forex offers one of the most effective forms of training through hands on experience.  For as little as USD 25 at risk per trade, you can start trading while learning in real-time.  Easy-Forex strongly recommends starting with very small volumes, and depositing an amount to cover a series of trades.  Learn the basics of the foreign exchange market, trading terminology, advanced technical analysis, and how to develop succesful trading strategies.  Discover how the Forex market offers more opportunities for quick financial gains than almost any other market.

The many available resources and tools to train yourself

There are many free tools and resources available in the market, particularly online. Among these, you will find;


There are many kinds of charts. Start with simple charts.  Try to identify trends and major changes, and try to relate them to technical patterns as well as to macro events.  Make an effort to determine the general magnitude of each change on the chart.

Guided tours

Most platforms provide guided tours, demos or tutorials, either online or via download.

News / breaking news

Keep abreast of world news.  Read all the headlines, particularly those directly related to Forex. Check the impact of such news, if any, on the charts.

Forex outlooks

Read daily/weekly outlooks posted on Forex or general financial sites. Many include alerts to upcoming reports and events such as market indicators and interest rate decision.


Read forecasts , some of which are available free of charge.  Bear in mind that forecasts and predictions are made by people , none of whom can guarantee the occurrence of future events...


Follow the indices of the leading markets.  Compare them to the changes in the  Forex  market,  as well as to changes in particular currency pairs.

Economic indicators

Pay attention to the release of economic indicators , and try to identify their impact on the market in general , and on specific currency pairs in particular.


Don't hesitate to browse  Forex glossaries , which are offered free on many platforms.  A given word may have different meaning is it relates to  Forex and to the terminology used by the  Forex market participants.

Seminars and courses

Try to attend professional  Forex seminars.  Some seminars are offered free,  often as parts of a client recruitment process by a given platform ; many are, neverthelles, worth attending.  Educational courses are offered online and by many post-secondary institutions.

Forex books

Read, or even just browse.  Many books are offered free,  or as part of a service package to the trader.For many , historical background and technical analysis are topics better covered in books than in an educational setting.

Internet forums / blogs

Visit and participate in  Forex forums.   This gives you an opportunity to learn from the experience of others. Of course ,  remember that some forum participants may be biased, promoting a given  Forex platform or their own agenda.

So much to consider...

To succed as a  Forex trader ,  you must take into consideration a wide variety of factors such as:

  • spread ("pips");
  • commissions and fees;
  • ease of access to the trading platform;
  • minimum amounts needed for trading;
  • additional amounts needed (if any);
  • control over activity and positions;
  • the platform software requirements;
  • ease of deposits and withdrawals;
  • personal service and support provided by the platform;
  • the platform's business partners;
  • the platform's management , offices and outreach;
  • the products offered onboard the platform; and many others.
Online training, no downloads

Easy Forex is dedicated to educating its customers.  Customers can access free one-on-one online trading.  The training goal is to each people specific strategies for trading currencies over the internet.  Both novice investors and expert day traders have benefited from the training provided by Easy Forex.

The "demo" account idea

Many Forex platforms offer new registrants a "demo" account.  A typical example would provide 10,000 " demo" dollars that can be "traded" as a means of learning how to succeed in  Forex.
Easy Forex does not offer "demo" accounts.   Coming to understand that reason must rule over emotion is the most important lesson a trader can learn, and it cannot be done with play money.  If there is no learning, so "demo" accounts tend to have little educational value.  Rather,  Easy Forex allows you to start trading with just $100, including full access to one-on-one training.   New registrants are thus able to garner both an educational and experiential benefit unavailable through simulated situations.