Online training, no downloads

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Easy-Forex™ is dedicat ed t o educat ing it s cust omers.  Cust omers can access FREE one-on-one online t raining. The t raining goal is t o t each people specific st rat egies for t rading currencies over t he int ernet .   Bot h novice invest ors and expert day t raders have benefit ed f rom t he t raining provided by Easy-Forex™. The “ demo” account idea Many Forex plat forms of fer new regist rant s a “ demo” account . A t ypical example would provide 10, 000 “ demo” dollars t hat can be “ t raded” as a means of learning how t o succeed in Forex. Easy-Forex™ does not of fer “ demo” account s. Coming t o underst and t hat reason must rule over emot ion is t he most import ant lesson a t rader can learn, and it cannot be done wit h play money. If t here is no consequence t o indulging in emot ional responses t o t he market , t here is no learning, so “ demo” account s t end t o have l it t le educat ional value. Rat her, Easy-Forex™ allows you t o st art t rading wit h j ust $100, including full access t o one-on-one t raining. New regist rant s are t hus able t o garner bot h an educat ional and experient ial benefit unavailable t hrough simulat ed sit uat ions.